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 PokeMetro Rules

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PostSubject: PokeMetro Rules   PokeMetro Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 7:11 pm

Sleep Sleep Ok guys..I'm hoping you're stopping by here first so that you won't be breaking any of these following rules. So here we go! cheers

1. Please refrain from name calling...Unless it's something harmless.. I would love to steer clear of any possible arguments or anything that could manage of causing such. scratch

2. If it can be avoided do NOT mention wanting people to Pokesav for you. Unless you're in the Pokesav thread. It is not allowed under any circumstances. study

3. Double posting will also be regarded as impractical use of the forums. So please double check all posts to make sure this has not taken place. Otherwise it will be assumed that it was intentional. pale

4. Avatar restrictions will apply to all. The moderators will be allowed to use moving avatars. BUt still nothing too big. so around 100x100 seems a bit ok but 150x150 is pushing it a bit too far. So please repsect this otherwise you could be banned. jocolor

5. Please keep the shorthand to the chatbox you guys. Try and use complete sentences when in the forum. It's highly recommended to do that. alien

6. Almost done...Be sure to respect and admire all admins and moderators...Because they could kick your ass..that's about all I have to say on that matter. heh. king queen

7. There should be no inappropriate language or anything insulting to anyone that you could think of, besides George Bush, it is not allowed. And may result in a ban so please be respectful.

8. This one refers back to the Pokesav topic. Please refrain from posting anything in certain threads that belong in a different one. So please make sure you know where you are posting. silent

9. And last but not least. If you've read this thread than you will not be banned..Congratulations. cheers cheers lol!

See you guys in there!

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PokeMetro Rules
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